• Person-Centred Support
    Person-Centred Support
  • Promoting Physical and Emotional Support
    Promoting Physical and Emotional Support
  • Respecting the Individual’s Values and Needs
    Respecting the Individual’s Values and Needs
  • Providing Meaningful Care
    Providing Meaningful Care
  • Responsive to Situations
    Responsive to Situations
  • Respect for the Individual
    Respect for the Individual
  • Fostering Trusting Caregiving
    Fostering Trusting Caregiving

Our practical home help service assists those who need help with day to day house work, meals, or getting out and about

We offer practical home help for the elderly, those with disabilities, with mental illness, and anyone who struggles to get practical tasks done in the household. Housework may become more difficult to do, or take much longer.

We support by assisting, or doing practical tasks which may include:

Basic house cleaning such as:
Hovering  or cleaning floors
Tidying and dusting
Meal Preparation / cooking and washing up
Outdoor shopping  with you, or for you
Support with managing household bills
Assistance with medicines or medication prompting

We provide a range of person centered support relating to physically and mentally challenged health situation. These supports can be:

Short term respite care:

from an operation, medical treatment   or  just want a rest

Long Term Care such as :

dementia care, palliative care,  on-going disability or mental health support, stroke recovery, cancer treatment support, and other long term illnesses

Preserving  the dignity of our service users is a priority, ensuring that we take a warm and respectful approach to personal home care routines.

Wherever possible, and where it is safe to do so, we will let our service users do things for themselves. We encourage independence and confidence in being independent.

Our home care team will always respect those we support, offering a personalised service, and taking into account their personal lifestyle, culture, choices, and wishes.

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